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Eva-Lena Knutsson


Couples therapy/counselling


Sjö och vass

Whether you are in an acute crisis or in a process that has been going on for a long time where you have drifted apart, in therapy you get new perspectives on your relationship and will get tools for untying knots. I will meet you both where you stand today. We will work together to enable you to gain understanding and acceptance.

For those of you who have chosen to part, where there is much anger and bitterness between you, conversations with a therapist can guide you towards a peaceful path so that your cooperation around the children can take place in a positive spirit.

Maybe you want to come to the couples counselling for preventative purposes. Therapy can be used advantageously to explore and deepen a working relationship and to strengthen love and trust in each other.

Complicated, broken relationships with a sibling, parent, child or close friend can be at least as painful as a love relationship in crisis.

As a therapist, I never take a stand for either party. We do not seek right or wrong in the therapy but solutions.

I often work with the attachment patterns that were formed in our childhood and affect our closest relationships. I also include Imago therapy and Nonviolent communication ACT and CBT.



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