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Eva-Lena Knutsson


About Psychosynthesis

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis was founded nearly 100 years ago by Roberto Assagioli, a psychiatrist and student of Freud, who broke away from psychoanalysis and included inspirations from religion, philosophy and modern medicine in his work.

It is a transpersonal form of psychology which includes the mind, emotions, body and soul. The goal is to create a balance and harmony between the conflicting forces within us.

Man is a whole in which body, soul, emotions and intellect interact. The interaction determines how you feel mentally and physically.

Psychosynthesis is a practical psychology with a focus on the health within us.

Instead of seeing difficulties, conscious or unconscious, as limiting, we see deficiencies and shortcomings as development potential.

The coach's tools will help you identify goals and purpose of your life.

Assuming challenges along your path, you develop.

Once you have identified you wish to achieve, you have the opportunity to translate insights into practical action and change.

The will is a central concept in psychosynthesis. The approach of psychosynthesis leads in the direction of personal insights, your innermost will and supports you to act on who you are and what you want.

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