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Eva-Lena Knutsson


About me

From physiotherapist to coach and therapist

I have always had a great interest in human relations. To work with clients who need help trough crisis, who seek personal growth and desire to make a change in life, is of great importance to me and gives me a sense of meaning.

With empathy and constructive curiosity I will guide you towards finding your strengths and seeing new possibilities. We can use different techniques like guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, painting etc to get past the logical brain and for you to get a hold of your inner truth.

In my former occupation of ten years as a physiotherapist, and before that as a massage therapist, my interest awoke in the connection between our physical well-being and emotional well-being. Today I am combining the knowledge about muscular tensions, body awareness, breathing techniques, and the gentle approach of psychosynthesis.

I think there is a need for English speaking therapists in Stockholm, that’s why I offer appointments in English even though is not my mother tongue. I'll do my best improving my linguistic skills, to meet your needs, but it is for you to decide whether I'll be the therapist your choice.

At the moment I'll offer online appointments using Zoom.


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Therapist in psychosynthesis, Huma Nova Stockholm, including integrative physchotherapy 1:st level according to Swedish standards.

Couples therapist/counsellor, Huma Nova

Certified Coach in Psychosynthesis HumaNova, EMCC approved

Certified physiotherapist, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

MI, motivational interviews, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, commissioned education.

Massage therapist, Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut



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Logo Psykosyntesförbundet

I am a member of the Psykosyntesförbundet (direct translation: Psychosynthesis Federation).
I have an insurance and rule under ethic guidelines and professional secrecy.